About us

Hula Networks has been helping service providers, carriers, data centers, and large enterprise clients increase company profits, decrease expenses, and mitigate risk since 2001. We work hard to increase our client's productivity and revenues by addressing the gaps in their current communication infrastructure and company procedures.

Hula Networks enables customers to maximize their productivity, efficiency and overall cost savings by leveraging our highly knowledgeable staff with over sixty years combined experience in the telecommunications industry. We are able to help carriers, data centers, and large enterprise clients address real business issues including the growing problem of long OEM lead-times and developing new found revenue streams within their customer product offerings. We pride ourselves in providing access to world-class IT products and services, top level manufacturer certifications, flexible financing options, and custom business processes. Through our robust offering, we deliver the choices, tools, and value organizations need to optimize their IT infrastructure and supply chain processes.

With a team of direct OEM certified engineers as well as over 10,000 satisfied customers under our belt, Hula Networks has unmatched experience in delivering true end to end solutions. Our close working partnerships with leading manufacturers keeps Hula Networks at the forefront of communications technology and allows us to provide fully integrated solutions.

Hula is headquartered in San Jose, CA we take pride in our strong reputation for integrity, quality, and excellence in management.