Hula water or beer bottle sleeve

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Beer Bottle sleeve- Hula branded - Thick Neoprene - Fully stitched, Non-Glued Base - Thermosuit Cooler - Trendy & Awesome any occasion

NO MORE STALE BREWS. Thermosuit, beer or water coolers, is just for you - with the promise to keep your beer or water cool and fresh, and your hands dry.

EXCELLENT INSULATION. The heat resistant extra-thick 3 millimeter neoprene layers, fully stitched, non-glued base ensure a tight fit for a vast variety of 12Oz and longneck bottles. For such a tight fit, you might expect a hassle to slip the bottle in or pull it out, but you'd be amazed at how easy it is.

STYLISH AND EFFECTIVE. Thermosuit Bottle Insulator comes with a unique Hula Networks design. Keeping your water or beer cool is already as stylish as it gets, but our top design makes sure it also looks that way!

HIGH QUALITY FINISH. These coolers are stitched through and through, without any use of glue which deteriorates and fails over time. They are designed to prevent moisture from building up at the bottom, so say goodbye to those water rings!

THE PERFECT GIFT & PARTY HOSTING ITEM. This is best beer cooler will make a perfect gift for your beer loving loved one or colleague. Also, it will be the ideal gift for housewarming, Christmas and Father’s Day or Mother's Day! They will be glad to have this. Shock your guests on Independence Day, bachelor and bachelor parties, bridal showers and birthday parties; Spice up your graduation party or family reunion, and color your BBQ's, camping or bonfires with beautiful beer coolers